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Lost and damaged tickets

If you lose your ticket or damage one to the point where it cannot be read or scanned, you should contact your National Lottery for advice on what to do next. If you have a winning ticket that has been lost or damaged you need to report it as soon as possible after the winning draw, as your claim may be invalidated if you leave it too late.

You can find the contact details for the UK and Ireland national lotteries above.

Claiming prizes

There are different ways to claim EuroMillions prizes depending on how much you win, whether your entry was bought in-store or online, and which country the ticket was bought in. Generally, smaller prizes can be claimed for lottery retailers, while larger prizes need to be redeemed from a regional office or lottery headquarters.

Go to the How to Claim page to find out all you need to know about claiming EuroMillions prizes in each participating country.

Tickets purchased in other EuroMillions countries

EuroMillions prizes can only be claimed in the same country that the winning ticket was purchased in. For example, if you buy a ticket in Spain, you will not be able to claim any prizes won on it in the UK, and vice versa.

If you do win a prize on a EuroMillions ticket bought in another country, you’ll need to contact the country’s lottery provider to find out if you can make any alternative arrangements to claim the prize — please note that this would be at the discretion of the selling lottery. Visit the dedicated page for playing EuroMillions abroad to find contact details for the lottery providers in each of the participating countries.

Identifying a lottery scam

Lottery scams are all too common today but there are two golden rules that you should remember in order to protect yourself against them:

  • You cannot win a prize in a lottery you have not entered. If you are ever notified that you have won a prize in a lottery you have not played, it is a scam.
  • No legitimate lottery organisation would demand an upfront fee to pay out your prize money. Again, any message requesting a payment to ‘release’ a lottery prize is a scam.

Go to the Scams page to learn lots more about this type of fraud, including other ways to spot lottery scams.

UK Tax Implications

While there is no tax on lottery winnings in the UK, there are a number of important considerations to keep in mind if you are lucky enough to bank a substantial amount such as a EuroMillions jackpot.

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax (IHT) is paid when a UK resident dies and their estate is worth more than £325,000. Everything above that threshold will be taxed at 40 percent. If you win a large EuroMillions prize and your estate exceeds the £325,000 valuation, you should be aware of the rules regarding IHT and how it will affect your heirs.

It is very common for big winners to want to share their jackpot in some way, but if you want to make a gift without paying tax you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Give the gift more than seven years before you die.
  • Give the gift to your husband, wife, or civil partner.
  • Give less than your annual allowance of £3,000.

The seven-year rule is in place to stop people from giving money away just before they die so that they can avoid IHT. As long as you live for at least seven years after making your gift, you can give as much as you want to whoever you want without it being liable for IHT.

If you were to die within seven years, the recipient would have to pay IHT based on a sliding scale. The rate of tax is the full 40% if there are less than three years between you giving your gift and dying, and then it goes down to 32% in years three to four, 24% in years four to five, 16% in years five to six and 8% if there are between six and seven years between your gift and your death.

Any gifts made to your spouse or civil partner are exempt from IHT, so it would not matter if you died within seven years. You can also give gifts to any registered charity without being liable for tax, along with some national organisations, such as the National Trust, universities or museums.

You can also take advantage of the £3,000 ‘gift allowance’ each year without incurring IHT. If you give away more than this amount and pass away within seven years, the recipient would have to pay tax. It is possible to carry over your leftover allowance from one tax year to the next, but only up to a maximum of £6,000.

Other Tax-free Gifts

You can also give smaller gifts of up to £250 to as many people as you want without them being subject to IHT, although this would not include anyone who has already received gifts totalling the whole £3,000 annual exemption.

Wedding gifts can also be exempt from IHT, but only if they are made before the wedding and there has to be proof that the marriage does go ahead. You can make wedding gifts of up to £5,000 to a child, £2,500 to a grandchild or great-grandchild or £1,000 to anyone else. You can also make gifts to help pay the living costs of an ex-spouse, an elderly dependent or a child.


Lottery rules in the UK stipulate that only one person can be paid a prize, so when playing in a syndicate it is essential to have a formal agreement in place to show to tax authorities. This will prove the money was not just a gift and that everyone is entitled to their share. Anyone playing in an informal syndicate should be aware that they may have to pay inheritance tax on the full amount if the syndicate leader dies within seven years of the prize money being shared.

Tax on Interest

Most people can earn some interest from their savings without paying tax, but this might not be the case if you win a large enough EuroMillions prize. While there is no tax on the initial sum paid into your account, it may be that the win starts to produce an income through interest. This will then be taxed as part of your normal income tax.


Для любого жителя России правила зарубежной лотереи на первый взгляд расцениваются как непонятные, замысловатые и сложные для восприятия. Это только поначалу. Стоит единожды принять участие и все сразу станет на свои места.

Следует заметить, что перед игрой многие участники предпочитают ознакомиться со статистикой выпадения чисел. Эти данные находятся в свободном доступе на страницах официального сайта лотереи. Если сделать ставку на те номера, которые выпадают чаще всего, то можно заметно повысить шансы на победу в тираже.

Вероятность раздобыть приз в игре ЕвроМиллионс составляет 1 к 13. Такие шансы для крупной лотереи – редкость, в остальных популярных играх они в разы ниже.

Сочетание угаданных номеров и вероятность получения призов разного номинала указана в таблице ниже.

Угаданные числа

Вероятность выигрыша

Приблизительная сумма выигрыша

5 + 2

1 к 116 531 800

37 828 849 евро

5 + 1

1 к 6 473 989

313 890 евро


1 к 3 236 995

54 946 евро

4 + 2

1 к 517 920

3 285 евро

4 + 1

1 к 28 774

147 евро


1 к 14 487

72 евро

3 + 2

1 к 11 771

46 евро

2 + 2

1 к 882

14 евро

3 + 1

1 к 654

10 евро


1 к 327

8 евро

1 + 2

1 к 157

7 евро

2 + 1

1 к 46

5 евро


1 к 23

2 евро

В среднем вероятность получить один из призов равна 1 к 13.

Рассмотрим более подробно правила игры.

Участник должен выбрать 5 номеров в диапазоне 1-50. Кроме того, он должен определить 2 дополнительных числа из матрицы 1-11.  Дополнительные номера называют Lucky Stars или просто «звезды». Для определения величины выигрыша именно они являются ключевыми.

Пять основных номеров позволяют заполучить выигрыши средней категории. А вот Lucky Stars дают шанс на получение джекпота.

Если верить математической статистике и теории вероятности, то правильно определить такое количество номеров комбинации практически невозможно. Вот только статистика побед лотереи ЕвроМиллионс доказывает обратное. Европейцы достаточно часто становятся обладателями главного приза лотереи. Все потому, что лотерейная игра ориентирована сугубо на Удачу, а не на научные теории.

Минимальный фиксированный главный приз игры составляет 15 000 000 евро. Кроме того, иногда проводятся супер-розыгрыши. В них джекпот начинается с отметки в сто миллионов.

EuroMillions Taxes vs Other Lotteries

EuroMillions offers some of the largest jackpots in the world, and the fact that prizes are not taxed in six of the nine countries makes it stand out even more in comparison with some of the other big lotteries.

American games such as Powerball and Mega Millions, for example, have tax obligations at both a state and federal level, so although these games regularly offer the biggest jackpots out of any lottery in the world, the payouts can end up significantly lower than the pre-draw estimate.

New Yorkers suffer heavier taxes than anyone else in the U.S. In August 2018, one player from the state won a Powerball jackpot advertised at $245.6 million, but they ended up walking away with a significantly lower sum. They opted to take a cash lump sum of $147 million, which worked out as a final payout of $99.4 million – around 40% of the advertised jackpot – after taxes had been deducted.

In EuroMillions, you will be given the specified amount with no deductions if you play in a country which does not tax winnings, such as the UK. The UK player who anonymously claimed £121 million in April 2018, for example, received a much larger payout than the $245 million Powerball winner, even though at first glance it would seem they had not won as much.

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